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Roger Dodger Aviation's new Triple Screen Flight Simulator is on
permanent display at the
National Airline History Museum in Kansas City.  
Visit the museum and check it out!  All visitors are welcome to fly the

Look at the list of names and businesses to the left.  These extraordinary
people made this project possible with their donations of money or labor
or both.

This is their story.  The story of how this flight simulator was funded, built
and presented to the public.
This project was
funded entirely by
donations from
individuals and small
businesses.  Thank
you for the generous

Antonio Milaré

Suzan Iqbal

Sharper Vision
Brian Oakes

Jackson Computer

Pat Pinick

Robert J. Libby

Wes and Amy Suess
Carrie Bradfield
Merril Thibodeaux
John D. Moors, II
Earl A Boatman
Larry J Friedel
Richard Tilton
Finn Otto Krogsen
Steve Coats
Sarah Dickerson
Richard T. Stofer
Donald J. Sanderson
Ibrahim Shaheem
Sariah Pinick
Stephen Gifford
Keith Dyer
Carl Hanson

Robert Parillo
Chris Hager
Vince Inzinna
Robert S. Lyss
Mark Cornthwaite
Frank Victor
Randy Czerwonka
Jim Albertson
Bradley Rayhons

Vickie Rocco

Asif Zamir
Chris Peterson
Rick Davis

Harold Taylor
Haig Evans-Kavaldjian
Lanakila Alexander
Eric Damon Walters
Maker Faire Crew
Julie Ibach
Linsdy Dugan
Jason Miller
Jim Barker
Nick Sherman
Cliff Nagayama
Becky Wall
Shannon Walsh
Jennifer Seward
Special Thanks
Stephen Todd
Trace Shapiro
Rafaela Evangelista

National Airline
History Museum

Independent Filmmakers
After the Kickstarter campaign, Matt immediately ordered components and started construction of the flight
Many people were involved in the creation of this simulator, especially the funding of the project.  The museum
did not have a budget for the project, so the only option was to launch
a fund-raiser on  
Kickstarter is crowd-sourced fund raiser for creative projects like movies, music, art, etc. or in this case, a new
kind of flight simulator.
Now the Triple Screen Flight Simulator is at the National Airline History
Museum.  It is available for visitors to try out and experience what it is like
to fly an airplane.

Roger Dodger Aviation produced a DIY video detailing the construction of
the new flight simulator.  This video and instruction manual is available
here so anybody anywhere can build the same flight simulator for their
home, school, museum, EAA chapter, etc.
The goal was to raise at least $2600, but a
Kickstarter campaign is all or nothing.  This means if
we failed to reach our funding goal, we don't get any
of the money and the project dies.  

All or nothing, so spreading the word was vital.

Matt launched the project with a 30 day deadline.  You
don't really understand the gut-wringing stress that
accompanies a Kickstarter campaign until you
experience it yourself.

We used a variety of marketing strategies to spread
the word and attract contributors.  
In the end, we learned a lot about who in the world will
actually support a project like this, and if our project
was even worth supporting.  
Our top backer was Antonio Milaré from Brazil.

We reached the $2600 goal, plus a little more.
During the building process, Matt painstakingly took
video of every step and the footage was used later in
a Do-It-Yourself video that shows how anyone can
build the same flight simulator.  Our good friend
Aaron Florkowski helped immensely with the new

We had about three weeks to go from partial
prototype to a finished, painted, working flight

The flight simulator made its public debut at the
Kansas City Maker Faire (more pics).  Hundreds of
children and adults enjoyed flying the simulator
throughout the weekend.

After the Maker Faire, we trucked the flight simulator
directly to the National Airline History Museum.
Our new model, Shannon Walsh became the familiar face of the flight simulator fund raiser.

The Before Picture:
Prior to the fund raising campaign, Shannon looks bravely into an uncertain future.

The After Picture:
Shannon stands next to the completed flight sim at its public debut.  WIN!
This video shows the finale and
credits of the DIY video.  The
names of all Kickstarter backers
are listed in the credits.  My friends
that helped move and operate the
simulator at the Maker Faire are
also listed, as well as people that
offered special assistance to the
Six months after the start of the
fund-raiser, we met again at the museum
with filmmaker Chris Williamson to make
a promo video.
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