1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe
1" PVC pipe connectors (tee, 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow)
4' x 8' sheet of Styrofoam insulation, 1/2" thick

subscription to
Make Magazine
paper towels
electrical tape
30 gallon trash bags
copy paper
Thank you to Becky and Dennis Jackson for donating blank video tapes !

computer repair
truck rental / transportation

Thank you to Sariah Pinick for donating a subscription to Computer Pilot magazine !

gift certificate to Lowe's or Home Depot
new drill bits:  sizes 1/4" and 3/8"
2" paint brushes and 3" small paint rollers

Net Neutrality
See some of the wonderful people that have helped us, and continue to help.
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ask me
about any
of this

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Privacy Policy
Most people want to help small businesses.

As we build new flight simulators and create new DIY projects, we use a lot of supplies and
materials.  We always need stuff, so we're asking for stuff.  Some of these things cost just a few
dollars.  Some of these things you might have laying around the house.  

Check out all the awesome people that have already helped!

Becky Jackson donated a new computer for the MAACS flight sim.
That's why it says "Rebekah's Gift" on its nose cone  >>>>>>>>
How have we done so far?

Since 2005, we have...
* built
a big flight simulator for the National Airline History Museum
* survived the worst recession since the Great Depression
* invented, built and tested a motion flight simulator (
* produced
21 DIY flight simulator video projects and sold them all over the world
* flew more people over
the Plaza than anyone else from 2004 to 2009

We entered the 2008 recession with a lot of debt from the MAACS experiment.  
Now we've recovered and can focus on creating more DIY products for home
flight simulators.

We're looking forward to next year as we continue to
inspire innovation in the
world of flight simulation.  We want to bring this kind of happiness to more
people, but we need resources to do that.  

This is how you can
HELP Roger Dodger
Feel free to donate a
few bucks... (nobody
ever has, you would
be the first)
Feel free to donate
a few bucks...
(you would be the
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