How To Build a Flight Simulator at Home

Just follow these three steps: Buy, Build, and Fly

Buy - Purchase and download a DIY video with instruction manual.  
Build - Our videos show you how to build an inexpensive homemade flight simulator.  
Fly - Take off with your favorite flight simulator software.

Premium "Do It Yourself" DIY Flight Simulator Cockpit Plans
designed and tested by real pilots!
*** INEXPENSIVE: Build with materials from a home improvement store
*** SAVE TIME: Each Premium Video includes an instruction manual
*** NO WAITING: Instant purchase and download... no shipping costs

Why buy a DIY Flight Sim project?
Because my customers complete their projects.
See the pictures in the
Customer Gallery

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    DIY Simpit Videos with Instruction Manuals
    You Can Build a Home Flight Simulator Cockpit

    It has never been easier to build an impressive flight simulator cockpit. Large HD displays are cheap, computers are fast, the
    software is lifelike, and there are so many choices for flight controls. The DIY Flight Simulator suite of projects has something for
    everyone. Choose the project that best suits your needs and start building. Each project includes a step-by-step video and detailed
    instruction manual - all downloaded instantly by you. Your local home improvement sells the building materials you will need. Many
    customers already own the computer, displays, and flight controls they intend to use.

    You already have the ingredients, think of the DIY simpit cockpit plans as the recipe book.
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