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The Famous Customer Gallery
of DIY Flight Sim projects
Jerry, Ohio
"Just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I purchased the Desktop Airliner Cockpit instructions.  This is an excellent product, and I highly
recommend it to anyone."  Jerry started with a single DIY project and has repeatedly upgraded and expanded his flight simulator, and has built a
helicopter simulator too.   
You can see his latest progress at his blog.
Michael, California
"Hey, thanks for making a cockpit accessible - this thing came together so fast, and is a joy to use - you've brought a
lot of fun into my life."  Michael built the
DIY Portable Aviation Combat Simulator (PACS)
Hanno, Germany

First I have to say thank you very much for your great product.

My name is Hanno and I'm from Wernau, it's a small town near
Stuttgart in the south of Germany. I studied Aviation Systems. The study
includes an ATPL (JAR-FCL) license. This year I was in Vero Beach,
Florida at Flight Safety International from January till April and did my
CPL-IFR. In August 13th I have a Screening on the CRJ 900. So, your
videos and plans help me a lot to fly the CRJ 700 very comfortable. It's
very important for me to handle the instruments very fast and without
any problems. I'm very sold on your plans. Great job!!!

My SIM is not exactly like your SIM in the videos, because I have to use
my Computer sometimes like a home office and then it's not very
helpful to have a yoke in front of you ;) So I need a degradable SIM. The
pictures I send you, shows my solution of a SIM. Somewhere down the
road, I will build a 'full flight' SIM and then your videos will be very useful.

So I say thank you very much again, and I will visit your webpage
Send us your home cockpit pictures!
Our customers are proud of their DIY Flight Simulator projects.
Virginia, USA
"I had rather good success with the project.  This iteration of your
original plan is a modified B-17 simpit.  We built the sim to take
to a reunion of the 401st Bomb Group.  These are vets that were
stationed at a B-17 base in Deenethrope , England during
WWII.  There were about 40 vets there and they couldn’t get
enough of the simulator."  The simulator now resides at the
Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah, GA. now offers a video and manual for a
DIY Triple Screen Flight Sim
Puerto Rico
"Hi,  my name is Manuel.  Im from Puerto Rico. I'm sending you photos of the cockpit i made I
used carboard. I also added a digital clock-alarm on the right side. Also, I only have one monitor
so I had to put it the way you see it on the pictures. Never the less, I love it!   also put a
microphone on the left. I will add some more things later on.  Believe it or not, it gave me the
sensation that I was really moving. Ja ja.  Bye for now. and thanks!"
Colorado, USA
"I am almost done with mine with a
few modifications.  Waterproof
plastic wall board about 3/16" thick
attached with little screws, and a
center mounted joystick platform.  
Also changed the throttle position
to horizontal."

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Geldrop, the Netherlands
"I like to let you know how happy I am with the
Desktop Airliner Cockpit instructions.  I did
put it together with very low costs indeed."

"I build it around the two widescreen
monitors.  I have 3 PC’s connected:
1 (XP) for the flightsimulator with 2
widescreenmonitors on 1 videocard."

"The monitor on the right is used for
FlightsimCommander and for
remotedesktop to the 3rd pc with FMC etc, for
later when I fly bigger planes."
Ohio, USA
Sawyer posted a video review
of a
DIYflightsims Keyboard
Modification on YouTube.
Nice work!
Jim, USA

I built the airliner cockpit, and was very pleased with it. But, due to
circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to use it. So, I
disassembled it (the glue hadn't dried) and re-constructed a "stand" to
hold the keyboards. This way, I could use it in the space allotted.
Hopefully in the future I will be able to build the complete unit, but until
then this will have to do...check out the pix.

I am also mentioning your site to the pilots at North Eastern Virtual airlines
Georgia, USA
Ben built a cockpit keyboard
modification in addition to this
modified keypad.  He's 12 years
Keep up the great work!
Kevin, Australia
but he made it from ALUMINUM !

He has access to a professional CNC machine
and is making the other parts of his flight
simulator from aluminum too.  
New York
"While researching on the internet I found
your site and I like the idea of working with
PVC but because my project was built
around my seat I had to design my own

"I purchased your keyboard mod video &
templates. The keyboard you see on my sim
is my experimental one...."

"I have bought a few more keyboards and I
am going to make one for each sim and
simply swap them out depending on the
game I play."
Scott combined the
classic Joyrider
Two-axis Motion flight
simulator with our
DIY Keyboard
creation uses an
LCD projector and
Illinois, USA
Rik built the DIY Universal Airliner to
complement his dual-monitor flight
simulator.  He added some fun details too
like the speakers and cockpit lighting.  Great
action in this
Facebook video
We were featured on the 10 Minute Taxi Show!!  He
gives a great overview of our DIY videos
Eddie, California
Check out Eddie's version of the DIY Portable Aviation
Combat Simulator!  He's got the Logitech G940
force-feedback controls and Thrustmaster Multi-Function
Very nice!
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Alabama, USA

"I purchased the DIY FLOOR
JOYSTICK a few months ago.  
I added a larger platform for
the throttle to hold a x keys 20
key pad and then added an
even larger platfor on the other
side to hold my macbook. "
Micah, USA
"I just wanted to say thanks again for coming up
available for us.  These pictures are almost a year
out since I made the cockpit, but that'll just give
other people an idea of how stable and sturdy they
are.  Anyway, I look forward to other projects you
may come up with and check the site regularly.  
THANKS!!! and have a great day."
Micah built the
DIY Easy Helicopter Collective.
Steve, Iowa
... I couldn't have done it without the
excellent construction manual i got
through here. It sure looks sharp! thanks"
"The sim now permanently sits in
the Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville,
CA.  It is brought out every Saturday
for use during the Young Eagle
program, much to the joy of many
young children.  It sees near
constant use during the event..."
Outstanding work, Davis!  Read more about his project and see more pictures HERE.
Stay updated on new products, videos,
flight simulator news and aviation stuff...
Chris built an excellent DIY
Triple Screen Flight
Simulator and included
Saitek switch panels!  
He was an early supporter
of the Triple-Screen idea
and contributed to our
Kickstarter online

Great Job Chris!
Joshua, USAF
Josh put a lot of work and special modifications into his DIY Triple Screen Flight Sim project.  He even added a fourth monitor to use as his overhead
panel!  He also incorporated Saitek switch panels and low-profile speakers.  The gray pipes look stunning with the dark body panels.
Phenomenal Work ! ! !
Randall, Missouri
Our good buddy Randall built two attractive
DIY Keyboard Modifications as a part of the
Thing-a-Day effort for Makers.  You can see
more pictures at
Randall's blog.
Richard incorporated
several Saitek switch
panels into his
Triple Screen Flight
Sim, and the result is

Excellent! We wish you
many happy landings.
Recognize this?  It's a very
heavily modified
Desktop Airliner Cockpit.  

"Here is my simulator. I
extended the top and sides
back another 20 inches, to
give me more 'immersion'.
Hoping to get flat screen
monitors, but these will have
to do. Thanks for all your work
in developing these plans
and procedures."

Thank you, Jim!
The homemade flight simulator cockpits you see here were built by our
customers.  You can build one too!  Let
DIY Flight Sims help you.
Randy, Illinois
Check out Randy's awesome DIY Missile
Lamp!  Excellent Craftsmanship ! ! !

Quote from Randy's email:

"Just letting you know I did build one of your
lamps for my brother, he loved it as well as
all my nephews.  I have included a couple of
photo’s, it was a lot of fun building and a
great feeling when my brother saw it.  Only
problem was that they couldn’t fit it in their
van to take back to Georgia from Illinois.  
Thought about mounting it on the top of the
fan, but thought that might raise concern for
Michael, California
Michael built the best WWII (IL-2) Fighter
Keyboard Modification we've ever seen. He
attached it to a custom desktop frame and
added the Logitech G940 Joystick and
Throttle combo. He even added gauges.

From Michael: "Just wanted to send you a
photo of my new IL-2 Dashboard. I popped
off the extra keys, and put a little panel over
the empty spaces... It's pretty boss."

Excellent job, Michael !
Don, Missouri
This is Don's creation, the Milti-pit.  It can convert into three different modes: yoke, side joystick and center joystick.  You may recognize hints of
DIY Floor Unit #F321 with Center Joystick, and modified keyboards, but Don added extensive modifications to the frame to make his own
unique and versatile design.
Mark built the DIY Easy
Airliner cockpit frame
with airliner keyboard
mods. He added
multiple Saitek switch
panels, an extra throttle
quadrant, low-glare
lights and other

Good job, Mark!
Look at this astounding DIY
Triple Screen Flight Simulator
that Vince built with additional
Saitek switch panels and a 4th
monitor for the instruments!!!

From Vince:
"The plans of your DIY Triple
Screen Flight Sim are
awesome! I want to share this
photo. I modified the centre
frame to incorporate the gauges
monitor. Great project, Thanks."

Amazing work, Vince !
Thanks for sending the picture.
Jorge, New Jersey
Jorge built the DIY General Aviation Keyboard Mod #K172. and the DIY Easy Airliner #D222
"I would like to thank you the excellent manual of how to modify a keyboard (General Aviation) The instructions are easy to follow and with a little patience easy to complete. It
works great! I incorporate it to my flight sym. Make the flying less complicated and a little easy with time to concentrate in flying.
Happy and safe flying!"
Great job, Jorge!
Tom built this breathtaking DIY Triple Screen Flight Simulator with a full Saitek
instrument stack and switch panels! He says: "Had great fun building this triple
screen, with your instructions and videos even I couldn’t mess it up!"

Very impressive work, Tom ! Thank you for the pictures.
Frank, USA
was inspired by the DIY Triple Screen
Flight Sim. Now it has 7 screens! It's so
big, it can't all be in one picture, so I
spliced three pics together.

"Here are some pics of the enclosure I
made using the plans I purchased from
your site – I call it the “Flightsim Cockpit
Enclosure On Steroids.”

..."Regarding the display configurations
– there are 5 ASUS 27” HDMI monitors
in an Eyefinity 6 setup (one graphics
card); there is one ASUS 27” HDMI
monitor for cockpit panels (separate
graphics card); there is one Planer 19”
touch-screen monitor for overhead
panels (an additional graphics card),
and there is one (small) VGA screen
attached to the OpenCockpidts FMC.  
This totals 3 graphics cards installed in
the computer."
Victor, Puerto Rico
Wow! Can you believe this? Compare Victor's modified DIY
Roll-Away Flight Sim with the
original version here.

Victor added a lot to his version. The screens, modified
keyboards, and Saitek controls can fold inward so the
simulator can fit through a doorway.

This has several impressive and innovative modifications to
the original plans.

Astounding DIY flight sim, Victor !
Thanks for sending the pictures.
Steven, USA
Steven built a beautiful DIY
Triple Screen Flight Sim and
added Saitek control panels
including a Saitek elevator
trim wheel.

Very nice work, Steven!

Note from Matt: The trim
wheel may not look fancy,
but it is a great help for
accurate airspeed control
and I highly recommend it.
Ola made some clever modifications to his DIY Triple Screen Flight
Simulator to reflect his favorite type of flying. He likes flying light aircraft
like the Piper Cub over the beautiful countryside.

Check out his Logitech G940 Fight System (joystick, throttle, and
rudder pedals.

Excellent and attractive modification, Ola ! Thanks for the pictures.
Six screens!
Yes, I said
six screens!

Ted built a DIY Triple Screen
Flight Simulator and added two
more screens for the instrument
panel and one for the overhead

Ted says:
"I'm only using one computer. I
have a Matrox triple head to go
for the three, 27inch monitors.
The top monitor is operated with
the second output on my main
video card. I also have another
video card that runs the bottom
monitors... I had to make pvc
adjustments because of the 27
inch monitors but it worked out
ok. Thanks for your help with

THANK YOU, Ted, for sending
the pictures. Happy Landings!
Brian built a very nice
and very useful
Floor Unit with Center
Joystick. Now his
controls are held in
place while he flies. He
is using a Saitek
joystick, throttle and
rudder pedals

Excellent job, Brian!
"I've wanted to tell you how easy it was to
follow your directions. You would make a
great technical writer. My modified Easy
Helicopter works really well for aircraft and
space sims. Having a center mounted
joysticks makes a world of difference."  

George incorporated a couple of clever
modifications to the stock
DIY Easy
Helicopter Collective. He shortened the
collective handle, so the optional throttle
platform could stay in place for all
operations. He also added a platform on
the right side for the mouse.

He's using a premium Thrustmaster
HOTAS Warthog joystick + throttle.

Awesome set up, George!
Thank you for the kind words!
Rich built a beautiful DIY Triple Screen
Flight Simulator panels, and a really nice
throttle quadrant! He is now working to
add a helicopter collective, cyclic, and a
better computer to add to the fun.

Nice job Rich ! Enjoy your project.
Ron modified a DIY Triple Screen Flight
Simulator so it can fit on his desktop. This is
a very cool adaptation of the Triple Screen

Excellent work, Ron ! Have fun flying!
Look at what Dan built! Not only did he modify the DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim project to include both a yoke and a
joystick, but he did it in record time, and look at all those Saitek switch panels ! ! !
Dan says, "Thanks so much for the awesome directions. The instructions were easy to follow and the videos
made it easy. I modified the design to house all my hardware and allow me to switch from rotary to fixed wing. I
use my laptop to run X-Plane so I didn’t need the computer shelf, and my audio plays through my display. I’m
going to build your collective next!!!"

Wow, Dan ! Double Wow. Glad you enjoyed the project and thanks for the pictures.
Rob built a DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim project and made
several impressive modifications.

"I built the flat skid using 2x4s and 1x8s,spaced at a
distance to allow mounting the Saitek Pro-Flight pedals.  
Castors are 3" with locking casters in the front.  The rest of
the frame is standard Sch 40 PVC pipe, tied in with 1x4, 1x6
and 1x8 shelves and upright components...To me it is a
clean design that I can literally roll into a closet when not in
use.  (although I can't imagine when that would be, hehe)"

I agree! Thanks for sending the pics and have fun with your
project !
Joshua added some amazing
things to the
DIY Easy
Helicopter Collective including a
touch screen!

He writes,
" The GPS is the Reality XP
simulating the Garmin 530 and
it works amazing on the little
touch screen especially for
setting up gas stops and
multiple airports.  I use a
program called ForeFlight on my
ipad as well so that I have
moving charts so all in all the
setup is close to what I use
when I fly for real."

Very Innovative, Joshua!