A home flight sim cockpit for
Special construction skills not needed
You don't need to be a carpenter or possess special construction
skills.  The DIY Flight Sims projects are "do it yourself" projects that
are designed for flight simulator hobbyists.
We offer a video for each DIY project that shows the building
process.  Each DIY video includes a comprehensive instruction
manual that goes into more detail and shows every measurement
and step for building a flight simulator cockpit or component.
The projects use PVC pipe because the 90 degree and 45 degree
angle connectors make it easy to build a variety of attractive

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So what happens next?
If you are completely new to the flight simulator genre of games,
then check out the
New to Flight Simulator link.  To learn about
specific issues faced by DIY Flight Sims builders, click
Asked Questions.

Check out
DIYflightsims.com for a wide variety of DIY projects that
can greatly improve your home flight simulator.  Keep in mind we
are selling the DIY videos, not the actual hardware.  The videos
include instruction manuals and are delivered to you electronically.  
This saves you a lot of money because there is never a shipping or
postal charge.

See our
Free DIY Videos for lots of tips and techniques for
improving your DIY Flight Sims project.

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flight sim better.  Check out our
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YOU Can Build a Flight Simulator
Cockpit for Your Home
Build a homemade flight simulator. DIY Flight Sims can help. You can build the
projects with simple hand tools such as a box knife, measuring tape,
screwdriver, small paint roller and brush, PVC pipe cutter, caulk gun, miter box
cordless screwdriver (if you prefer that instead of the regular screwdriver).

You do not have to spend a lot on building materials
Buy the supplies from your local home improvement store like Lowe's or
Home Depot.  You can build these projects with styrofoam insulation, regular
construction glue, wood boards and other common materials.

Build the cockpit frames from PVC pipe and connectors.  PVC pipe is
inexpensive, lightweight, easy to cut and readily available.

You might already have some of this stuff
By the time you're ready to build a home flight simulator, you probably already
have flight sim software loaded on your computer and you might have some
flight controls like a yoke, rudder pedals and a throttle quadrant.  If you need
flight sim gear, check out our
Online Store.  Most DIY Flight Sim builders tend
to modify the projects to fit whatever components and resources they have
available.  You can see some examples of this in the
Customer Gallery.