Use inexpensive USB
Build a DIY gaming
keyboard for your
home flight simulator

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DIY Flight Sims
Keyboard Modifications
Build it !  Own it !  Fly it !
You can build the DIY Flight Simulator Keyboard Modification!!!  It's a DIY gaming keyboard.

No more memorizing endless keyboard assignments. Our instruction videos and manuals
teach  you how to build this simple solution that greatly improves your homemade flight
simulator cockpit or simpit.   The button templates provide an endless variety of ways you
can customize this project to fit YOUR needs and your unique homemade flight simulator.

* Works with your existing home cockpit
* Easy construction - no wiring, no soldering, no coding !
* Build with common tools and inexpensive materials
* You don't have to memorize endless key assignments
* Use this flight sim keyboard in addition to your regular keyboard