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Dogfight club
Roger Dodger Aviation is hosting a
* Try our new Virtual Reality Headset
*  Check out our three lethal air combat
*  Watch our aces battle communist MiGs
*  Give it a try!  Blast away at the enemy
with guns and air-to-air missiles !

“Dogfight Club is TEAMWORK”
The mission: fun.
Relax with cool aviation
people, fly, shoot stuff,  blow
up things.

Feel free to try it....we can
start you off easy so you
don't get discouraged.


Click here for directions

Copyright (c) 2008 Roger Dodger Aviation, LLC
Matt Thomas, CFII
All rights reserved
Try the new JET FIGHTER cockpit!
Hey ACE!  Click on the above images to see the button assignments for the
Jet Fighter joystick, throttle and Multi-Function Panel !
See video from a previous Dogfight Party HERE

See video of the Jet Fighter Multi-Function panel HERE
Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality display
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