Cessna 172 engine start

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General Aviation Keyboard Modification Demonstration:
Engine Start

This is a short demonstration of how we're using the General Aviation
Keyboard Modification.  

We're going to start the engine without using the mouse.

We're using the default Cessna 172

Now when you start a flight, your engine is already running, so let's
start with the shut-down procedure, and I'll show you another useful tip
here in a minute.

Our checklist here shows
- Parking brake, as needed
- Avionics power switch off, Electrical equipment off
- Mixture idle cut-off
- Ignition switch off
- Master switch off

This is a good time to save the flight.  From now on, anytime you want
to start with a cold dark cockpit, you can go back to this saved flight.  
After you load it, you can reposition to any airport.

Next is the Engine Start checklist

- Throttle open about a quarter inch
- Mixture rich
- Prop clear
- Master switch on
- Ignition start (push Select, then Start repeatedly)
- Oil pressure check
- Avionics power switch on
- Lights as required

And that's it!  You can modify a keyboard like this for your flight
simulator.  You can also build the GA home cockpit frame we're
showing here.  Our videos and instruction manuals show you how.  It's
a do-it-yourself project, so check out DIYflightsims.com for more info.