GA flight simulator demo:
tune the VOR

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This is a short demonstration of how we're using the General
Aviation Keyboard Modification.  We're going to set the NAV 1
receiver without using the mouse.

For this demo, we're sitting on the ground at our local airport, and
we'll just tune in the frequency for the VOR on the field.

Push the NAV SEL button and these numbers are highlighted on the
standby frequency

We're using the Increase Selection and Decrease Selection buttons
to tune the nav radio

Push the NAV SEL button twice and tune the numbers to the right of
the decimal point.  The frequency is 111.4

Switch it to the active frequency

Now we verify that we've tuned the correct station.  Press VOR1 ID,
listen for the morse code identifier

Then press VOR1 ID again to silence the morse code

By the way, we're using default FSX events that we've re-mapped to
the button locations on our modified keyboard.  There's no coding
or hacking necessary.

Now we will center the OBS needle,

Press the button that looks like the OBS knob, and use the Increase
Selection and Decrease Selection buttons to center the needle

We're dialing in the bearing TO the station, in this example.  

And that's it!  You can modify a keyboard like this for your flight
simulator.  You can also build the GA home cockpit frame we're
showing here.  Our videos and instruction manuals show you how to
build your own.  It's a do-it-yourself project, so check out for more info.