Two seat home flight
DIY Dual Flight Simulator Seats

I want to give you a free gift from the company archives.  A few years ago we
built this 2 seat platform for a dual-control flight simulator.  

People love how comfortable these seats are.  You see Adriana here
adjusting the seat.

This was the Roger Dodger Aviation Training System, (RDATS).  We used it
successfully for basic flight instruction...and many fun activities and over the

It's really sturdy thanks to this solid wooden platform and comfortable
because of these great seats I pulled out of a wrecked Dodge Caravan at a
salvage yard.

The illustrated instruction manual, includes all the measurements.  You can
download it FREE from our website as an Adobe PDF file.

Now, this was years before our Do It Yourself videos, so this is a more
advanced project than what you're used to seeing from us.

Today we make projects that use very simple inexpensive tools....not this old
Dual Seat project, not this one.  Ya gotta have real tools to build this baby.

Feel free to download these free instructions.  If you build it, please let us
know, we're always interested in hearing from our builders.

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