Using glue with a home
flight sim

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Our Do It Yourself flight simulator projects are assembled with glue to hold
together the PVC pipe frame and to permanenty attach the foam body panels
to the frame.

After you apply a couple of coats of paint you can barely see the glue.

Add your modified keyboards, monitors and controls to complete your flight

We use Liquid Nails for Projects.  You can buy it at hardware stores, home
centers, even Wal-Mart for just a couple of dollars.  

We also use a standard caulking gun.  

Click the thumb lever to release the push rod.   Pull the trigger to squeeze
the glue tube.

The way you cut off the tip of the applicator is important.

Use a sharp utility knife and cut the applicator at a 45 degree angle.

We suggest a quality caulking gun that includes a pin to puncture the inner
seal of the glue.

Now load the tube into the caulking gun.

And rotate the tube like this.

Squeeze the trigger to start the flow of glue....but not too much or it will make
a mess as I'm demonstrating here.

When you attach the parts of the PVC pipe frame, just apply the glue to the
inside lip of the connectors as shown here.

And squeeze the parts together.

Here we have applied glue to all three parts of a PVC Tee connector.  The
Liquid Nails gives you plenty of working time to assemble the frame.

After all parts of the frame are glued, bang it together tight with a mallet.  I'm
using a dead-blow mallet.

Another important use of the glue is to attach the foam body panels.

This is a cross-section drawing of the PVC pipe and the foam panel.  

The glue adheres to both surfaces.

When you apply glue to both sides, it creates a stronger bond because the
two applications of glue reinforce each other.

It takes a little practice to apply the glue neatly.

You might even try practicing on some scrap material before you work on
your flight sim.

Liquid Nails does not have any harsh fumes, you can use it indoors, but they
do recommend adequate ventilation (whatever that is).

Sometimes it's necessary to use a few strips of tape to hold a foam panel in
place.  That's fine, just glue around the tape.

When you're not using the glue, plug the tube with a nail.  Put it in a ziplock
bag for long duration storage.

Allow the glue to dry overnight before you paint.