Robinson R22 Shutdown

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DIY Helicopter Keyboard Modification Demonstration:
R22 Engine Shutdown

Click Here to download your free R22 Checklist.

The DIY Helicopter Keyboard Mod is very useful for the engine shutdown procedure in the default
Robinson R22 in FSX.  You don't even need to use the mouse.

This is a modified checklist for the R22 Shutdown procedure

Select the 2D cockpit view.

Collective Full Down.

Governor off.

Reduce throttle to 70 to 80 percent RPM.  

We're allowing the engine a few minutes to cool down...

You can note the Cylinder Head Temperature slowly decreasing.

Throttle closed, clutch disengaged.

Hold the Mixture Lean button to pull the mixture control all the way out.

The engine is off now, but the rotors are still spinning freely.

Press the Rotor Brake a few times to stop the rotors.

Lights off, Alternator off...

Press Select, then press Off three times to turn the key to the off position.

Avionics off

And Master Switch off

Here's a little hint:  you can save the flight right now.  That way, whenever you want the R22, you
can load this cold and dark cockpit with the proper panels displayed and then all you need to do is
tell FSX which airport to start from.

Be sure to see this video for the R22 Startup procedure.