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The Flight Sim enclosure and keyboards in the video are the Desktop Airliner

DIY Multi-monitors Part 1 of 2
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In a previous video we had two monitors connected to the flight simulator and
several people wanted to know how it’s done, and that’s good.  You should use
two monitors for your flight simulator.

With two monitors you can see more windows in the 2D cockpit.

Or have a wider view of the Virtual Cockpit.

Some of the older computer monitors are so cheap, they’re free.  

You might be able to use two monitors on your computer, without having to install
anything.  First, let’s make sure you can plug in 2 monitors into your graphics card.
If you see two plugs, you’re in luck, you can plug in two monitors.   The plugs don’t
have to look the same.   In many cases, the card has one VGA plug for an analog
monitor and one DVI plug for a digital monitor.  Or maybe two DVI plugs.

If your graphics processor is built into your motherboard, the plug will look
something like this, and you can only plug in one monitor. So you might be in the
market to buy a new graphics card.

Likewise, if you’re using an older graphics card with only one monitor plug, you
can only plug in one monitor.

Here we’re connecting a VGA cord and a DVI cord.  Simple right?

But let’s say for example that you’re trying to plug in two analog VGA cords.

You can buy this simple adapter for a few bucks at a computer store.  Just plug it
in and you’re ready to go.

If you want to plug in two digital DVI cords, note that you will need a different

Once you have both monitors connected, you can span the desktop all the way

Now there are a lot of different models of graphics cards so what I’m showing is
just an example of a couple of things you can try.   You might need to try a few
different things to find what works on your system.  

You might even try reading the users manual.

For our first example, let’s look at a computer with an NVIDIA card

Right-click your desktop and choose “Properties”

Click the “Settings” Tab

Click “Advanced”

Click a tab with your graphics card model number

Click Additional Properties

We want to find the Display Settings

Now here we can choose the different display settings, select Horizontal Span
from the drop down menu.  The computer will assign one monitor to the left side
and one to the right side.

Here’s our two monitors, or is it this one?  You can either read carefully, or just
pick one and see what happens.

Click Apply and Yes

This is what it should look like.  Your mouse travels right across to the other
monitor.  You can move the windows over there too.

If the left and right monitors are backwards, it will be very obvious.  

Go back and choose a different option from the dropdown menu.

Click OK.

Before you click OK again, note your screen resolution.
[click OK]

Now let’s set it up our two monitors in Flight Simulator

Click settings,

you should see the Display Settings page

Click Customize

Make sure you’re on the Graphics Tab, and find the Full Screen Resolution option
list. Click your new screen resolution and click OK.  You won’t notice a difference
until you start a flight.  

We recommend you start on the ground instead of airborne.

It’s all stretched out so pause the flight and grab the side of this window with your
mouse and re-size it.

You’ll need to re-size and position each window, but you only need to do this once.

[show re-sizing the windows]

You can click the windows off and on and they retain their new settings

When the size and location of the windows are to your liking, save the flight

Here’s an important point:  if you End the flight and start over later, you will have to
re-size the windows all over again.  But if you save the flight, it also saves the
window settings.

If you switch to a different aircraft, you will need to re-size the windows for that
particular aircraft.

In Part 2 of this video, we will demonstrate a different way to set up multiple
monitors which may help users with older computers.

Click here for Part 2
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