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The flight sim shown in the video is the Portable Aviation Combat Simulator.  
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DIY Multi-monitors Part 2 of 2
Click here for Part 1

In Part 1 of this video we demonstrated how to set up two monitors for Flight

This is helpful for graphics cards that include the option to span the desktop
across two monitors.

But not all graphics cards allow you to set up two monitors this way.  

For Part 2 we’ll show you an idea that might help you with older graphics
cards or older software.

We’re using a modified version of our Portable Aviation Combat Simulator.  
The projected screen is no different than using a second monitor. So let’s
get started.

Right click your desktop and choose “Properties”

Click the “Settings” Tab

Click “Advanced”

Click the Displays tab

Here we can choose the various display options.  Now you see we can
select one or two monitors and select which one is primary and which is the
clone, but there’s no option to span the desktop across the two monitors.

All right, click Cancel and take another look at the Settings Tab

Click the second monitor and choose, “Extend my Windows desktop onto
this monitor” and click OK.  

See we can move a window to the second monitor.  In this case, the
projected screen.


So far, so good.  Start Flight Simulator and click Settings.

Click Display

Click Hardware

Note this time its not showing a wide screen resolution, so there’s no
changes to make.

Start a new flight.  Everything is on the first monitor for now.  You see that we
can’t pull the windows over to the other monitor like we could before, so we
do something different.

Pause the flight.  Click Views in the main menu and de-select Full Screen

Now we can move the window around.

Select a window and choose Undock window.  Now we can move it to the
second monitor.

Click Views and select Full Screen

See we’ve placed the outside view on the projected screen now we just re-
size it.

And the instrument panel is on the smaller monitor.

[flying, flying]

Hopefully, one of these methods works for you.  If one doesn’t work, try the
other.  Recall the computer from Part 1, we were able to use the horizontal
span capability of the graphics card.  What if we didn’t do that?  What if we
tried to undock and move the windows like we did in the Portable Aviation
Combat Simulator?  It doesn’t work.

So my advice is to approach this do-it-yourself project with a sense of
adventure and experimentation.  

Now this is fun.  I could do this all day.  Actually, I think I will.  This video is
over.  If you have any additional suggestions that can help flight simmers
with multiple monitors, please leave them in the comments section.

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