Paint your home made
flight simulator
Save Money with these Painting Tips

A home built flight simulator is not complete without a paint job.  

It's very inexpensive to paint a cockpit enclosure.  You can do a lot with just a cheap 2" paint
brush, a 3" paint roller and a quart of latex primer.

We use latex primer because it covers well, it can be tinted gray, and it dries with a flat
sheen.  That means it's not glossy.

Here's a little tip that can save you some money.  We only need one paint brush and one
roller, because we never let them dry out, and we don't have to clean them either.

In between coats of paint, put the brush in a ziplock bag.  Squeeze out the air and seal it.

And keep the brush in the refrigerator.

You can do this with the paint roller too.  Put the whole roller in a one-gallon size ziplock bag.

And put it in the fridge.  No matter how many times you need them, they will still be wet and
ready to go.

You'll probably paint only half your project, and then wait for it to dry before you paint the other

Or you might add a second coat of paint to the whole thing, which is a good idea anyway.

No matter how many times you need them, your one brush and one roller will still be wet.  
And here's the best can keep them this way for weeks.

Here's another painting tip.  When you start painting your project, first paint the corners or
hard to reach places with your brush.

After you're done with that go back with the roller and paint everything else.

Keep your brush handy to catch any drips.  

Make sure you have good lighting so you can see the drips or any areas you may have

The best lighting is usually outside, weather permitting.

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