Reverse Thrust

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All rights reserved
DIY Thrust Reverser for Flight Simulator

After your landing gear softly touches down at the destination runway, finish
off the day with some reverse thrust!  Reverse thrust puts an exclamation
mark at the end of any successful flight.

For this project, we’re using the CH Throttle Quadrant.  

To simulate a 2 engine airliner, most people assign this lever as the spoiler
and this lever as the flaps.

And these two levers as the throttles.

Note that the throttles already have a slight detent.  You can assign this as
reverse thrust in the CH control manager.

The CH control manager is an amazing piece of software that can assign
many many many functions to your throttle quadrant, but it is a little
complicated.  And I didn’t want to do many many things, I just wanted to do
one thing.  Reverse thrust.  So I did not install the CH control
manager……but I do have reverse thrust.  This is how I did it.

See the two toggle switches directly below the throttles.  We’re going to
assign these as the thrust reversers.

Start FSX
Click SETTINGS.  Click Controls…, then click BUTTONS/KEYS.  
Select the CH Throttle Quadrant from the dropdown list.
And click Engines
In the assignment list, select the Throttle (decrease) event
And click Change Assignment…
Click down one of the toggle switches
And click Ok.

Repeat the process with the other Throttle (decrease) event

Make sure the repeat slider is all the way to the right for both buttons.  That
means we have to hold down the buttons to engage reverse thrust.

Remember to click Ok when you are finished.

Ok, let’s fly.

Let’s say we just touched down.
Spoilers extended,
Throttles idle.
Move your hand directly below the throttles, hold down the toggle switches.

Reverse thrust engaged.

When you are below 60 knots, cancel reverse thrust.  Wiggle the throttle just
a little to verify reverse thrust is off.

Brake as needed.

Nice job, captain!