Don't let those USB cables
make your flight sim look sloppy

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USB Cable Management

Nearly every flight simulator control is powered by a Universal Serial Bus,
the USB ports.  You might have 4 or 5 or 10 different things plugged into
the computer's USB ports and USB hubs. Why would it matter if they're
organized or not?

If you unplug all your USB devices, let's say you are moving your computer
for example, later when you plug them all back in, you should plug each
one into the same USB port it was in earlier.  Why?  Well depending on
which flight simulator program you use, if you plug in your controls into
different USB ports, the program may forget all your button assignments
and sensitivity settings.  
you forget a couple, and have to go back again, and it's just a big time-waster.

You can label your USB plugs in just a few minutes, and you only need some tape and a couple
of markers.

Make sure your computer is turned off.  Make a note that shows which USB port is used by
which device.

Write the name of each USB device on a piece of tape.  Like this.

Tear off the piece of tape and carefully apply the middle of the tape right on the USB cable.....and
fold the two halves together.  Repeat for the other cables.

That solves one problem, but we can do better.  You know how a USB plug only works one way,
and you never know which way until you try and plug it in?

Notice that each USB plug is labeled on one side with the USB symbol.

The reverse side is plain.

Get your silver marker and let's make a mark on the side that has the USB symbol.

Repeat with the rest of the plugs.

If you don't have a silver marker, a piece of tape will work fine also.  I only mentioned the marker
because I think it's really cool.

Now let's plug in the USB cables.  You see the mark is facing to the right for this first cable...the
remaining three will be the same.